One day, many many moons ago, I got the bright idea to build a sandbox. Then I got lazy, and I found one on craigslist for $15, and so we were set for a few years. But then my children just kept growing bigger, and that sandbox did not. So I decided the time had […]

Today we all woke up on time and happy. It would not last. Within the hour I was in full-on beast mode, trying to round up everyone’s socks and shoes and tutus and backpacks as we prepared for school/dance class, screaming classic mom-isms like “Close your mouth and eat your cereal!!! I don’t care! Just […]

Not sure if you know it- but there are BIG doings afoot in our backyard. I have a plan that I drew to scale on graph paper and EVERYTHING. It’s wicked serious, yo. And so of course, I also have a Pinterest board full of many many many many (that’s probably almost enough) many many […]

Three-year-olds are awesome. When I asked Violet what she wanted to have for dinner on her birthday, she said birthday. Then she said cake. And then she finally decided on “aksa-daddy.” Not sure how spaghetti became aksadaddy, but I do know that the girl loves herself some carbohydrates. In the gift department, I asked the […]

My girl. She is her own person, that is for damn sure. There are lots and lots of ways that this makes my life more difficult, but just as many ways that it makes it more awesome. How can I sum up my Fiona? In a word- exhausting. She is the most loving little cuddlebug, […]

The other day I asked Fiona if she remembered visiting Mama Cathy and Papa Joe when we were in St. Louis. “You remember,” I prompted. “She gave you a ride on her special wheelie chair.” “And she sang that song to Bianca? You know, the one that went “Oh Bianca, oh Bianca, you’re so beauuuuuutiful.” […]

Let’s talk for a second about hair. And what to do with it. Because if you saw me in middle/high school (or in my early 20s, when I never paid more than $15 per haircut including tip) (or, you know, today) you know I know feck all about hair. One of my first thoughts when […]