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Three-year-olds are awesome. When I asked Violet what she wanted to have for dinner on her birthday, she said birthday. Then she said cake. And then she finally decided on “aksa-daddy.” Not sure how spaghetti became aksadaddy, but I do know that the girl loves herself some carbohydrates. In the gift department, I asked the […]

Hummus, Puzzles, and Buttons

It’s just a quiet Monday here at the LaMartina abode. A little snow falling quietly outside, and much relaxing happening within. Not the most exciting day, but it’s been really nice thus far. Bianca has discovered hummus. And she looooooooves it. Almost as much as Violet loves noodles. Which is a lot. Meanwhile, in the […]

The blind leading the blind.

Number one reason to write today: tell the world how much I love my new blinds. I do. I loves them. This is a rental house. With a rental house comes rental window dressing. In this particular case, tan curtains from Ikea. While not horrible, they’re just kind of blah, especially when they’re on every. […]


It’s been 3 weeks now since I completed my 365 project. I miss the challenge and I don’t. On one hand, it was nice to have that extra pressure to make sure we did something more than just lounge around in pajamas (I mean, we did that a ton even when I was doing the […]


Jumping right back in with a real post. No apologies for my absence, it’s been a busy couple months. I’ve got a thousand (actually, probably more than that) pictures to go through and edit and share, but for now let’s just start fresh at Halloween. Fiona has been saying for MONTHS that she wanted to […]


This one. She’s still my baby, but I can’t call her a baby anymore. Tonight at bathtime she asked to be put on the potty. And then peed. Like a big girl. Ain’t no big thing, ma. Just potty training myself here. Try and keep up. At bedtime she asked to sleep in the bottom […]


Today it was. BEAUTIFUL out. I can’t decide if a gorgeous day in mid-February is a gift or a cruel joke. I know that we still have potentially months of wintry weather, but day-yam today felt like spring. This afternoon the girls and I went for a walk, and we brought out sidewalk chalk, and […]