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Moving day!

Just a little note to let everybody know that the blog has moved! Not far. Just over to That’s right. I done and got myself a legit web address. I think my hosting company thinks I’m going to be the next big thing in yogurt, though. They assigned me a Dedicated Web Advisor and […]


One day I’ll blog again…

This has been a long time coming.

Both girls are currently napping, so I guess now is as good a time as any to sit and type out this entry that I’ve been hesitant to write. We’re moving. If you facebook stalk me (and let’s face it- some of you do. I’m that amazing.) you’ve likely heard rumblings. I may have mentioned […]

It’s probably gonna be a madhouse, but…

IKEA tomorrow!

Theatre geekery

A few days ago, Nate and I were talking about drama and why it was so important to me in high school. I think I can boil it down to a couple pictures. High school theatre was so important to me because it allowed this girl- to disappear for at least a little while. It […]

I have not, in fact, quit everything.

I’m thinking I may still be going through some sort of post-partumy, thyroidy type depressy stuff. Cause even though most days are great, and I’m finding myself able to get through most days without a nap, some days I sort of feel like life is drowning me, and could I please just sleep through it? […]


My poor little neglected blog. I knew this would happen eventually, I just didn’t think it would be so soon. Things have been busy? I guess? The big news of the week is- Fiona rolled over! From her back onto her stomach!!! Which was very exciting!!! She has also pooped a mad crazy lot. I’m […]