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Who needs sleep?

Well, you’re never gonna get it. Sometimes it’s for no good reason (like staying up watching 3 episodes of biggest loser back-to-back-to-back because I don’t know why) and sometimes it is. This past weekend, my lack of sleep was for a good reason. I had my first ever in-person proofing session with a client, and […]


February has come and gone, with it tons and tons and feet of snow, most of which has now melted. Our tiny little yard looked like a battleground after the snow disappeared… big tree branches all over the place, a thousand little piles of dog turds, not to mention all the pine needles and leaves […]

Snow. and Snow.

Yesterday Nate left at 5am to catch a cab. A cab to the airport. To catch a plane to SanFran and then on to Shanghai. This morning at 10am we videochatted with that fool who’d stayed up until 11pm after traveling halfway around the world, just to say good morning to us. He’ll be gone […]

Hurray! Yay!

Baby is 10 months old today. Ten months. Holy crap. And yesterday she finally learned how to clap. I think it’s the Rocknocerous shows we’ve been going to. Not much to report- it’s been a quiet weekend. We finally got into watching LOST, and that’s basically all we did all weekend. We borrowed the first […]

Thursday morning.

I forgot how much of a morning person I am. After I left my job last summer, I have been pretty much reveling in sleeping late whenever I can. Which happens more than you would think. People always were telling me how early babies get up in the morning, how horrific it is when they […]

Let’s hear it for employment!

Tonight’s top story- I got a job! Just a couple hours every afternoon, making sure a 10-yr-old boy does his homework, gets to football practice, and then I start dinner. And then I go home and start my own dinner. I’m excited. It’s gonna be great. More funds=awesome. In other news, our basement is quickly […]

Saturday the 14th

So yesterday was Valentines day. We don’t overdo Valentine’s day here. We say “I love you” and we plan to make a nice romantic dinner but then we end up eating quesadillas at 4:30pm because we skipped lunch and then we’re really not hungry for dinner and so we just skip dinner until we’re really […]