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Because that is the way my life is.

Today we all woke up on time and happy. It would not last. Within the hour I was in full-on beast mode, trying to round up everyone’s socks and shoes and tutus and backpacks as we prepared for school/dance class, screaming classic mom-isms like “Close your mouth and eat your cereal!!! I don’t care! Just […]

Flutter By.

Not sure if you know it- but there are BIG doings afoot in our backyard. I have a plan that I drew to scale on graph paper and EVERYTHING. It’s wicked serious, yo. And so of course, I also have a Pinterest board full of many many many many (that’s probably almost enough) many many […]

So then there’s that.

Sometimes, I wonder if it’s my fault. Do I yell too much? Not enough? Should I use reward charts? Bribery? Timeouts? And how on earth could boys possibly be more work than my girls? Allow me to back up a bit. Yesterday morning. The girls woke up before me, as per usual. They played nicely […]

“Whose Pee is This?” and other things that are totally normal.

This morning I woke up and rolled over to find that one of my darling children had given me a gift. The gift of a full potty, balanced ever so carefully on the edge of my mattress. As I blearily attempted to heave my ass out of bed without disturbing the precarious nature of said […]

In which I am the permissive one.

Today we all napped. And it was glorious. And when we all woke up at 5pm and I really just wanted to finish my book, I let them sit on the kitchen counter and eat cookies and milk (a mere hour before dinner) and shhhh don’t tell Nate. Not very wordy today. Working on getting […]

Mother of the Year, obviously.

Today we had a busy day. We had a doctor appointment for Fiona, I decided that since the office is only like 1.5 miles from our house, I would skip my run this morning and just do a destination run to the doctor’s office, and then after that over to playgroup at the rec centre, […]

Oh, that.

Faced my arch-nemesis yet again this morning. Apparently this family wants to eat EVERY day, and that requires continuous grocery shopping? WTF, reality? It actually went quite well, all things considered. The only comment I have to make is this. Why, bagger guy? Why must you pack my bags so unevenly? The bag of (almost) […]