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Bianca Catherine.

So since it’s been weeks and weeks since my kid was born, and I barely remember being pregnant, it’s about time for a birth story and some photos, right? Enjoy. I woke up the morning of June 22 at around 6am with a little crampiness. I remember feeling this way the morning of Violet’s birth […]


Nearly 26 weeks along now. I actually think I have not mentioned my pregnancy thus far in this particular forum. So, in case you weirdly found this blog alone and we aren’t friends on the Fbook- I’m preg! Surprise! Anyways. Had an appointment with my midwife this morning. That’s right, midwife. Apparently even after the […]

Oh Canada.

The other day the girls and I went for a run. Or, I went for a run and they went for a ride. In a double stroller. Which I pushed. While running. In the wind. For 5.5 miles. See, I can make running crazy even when it’s actually quite beautiful outside. While on our run, […]

Oh, that.

Faced my arch-nemesis yet again this morning. Apparently this family wants to eat EVERY day, and that requires continuous grocery shopping? WTF, reality? It actually went quite well, all things considered. The only comment I have to make is this. Why, bagger guy? Why must you pack my bags so unevenly? The bag of (almost) […]

The Cost of Doing Business. And by "Doing Business" I mean showering.

Woke up this morning a bit later than I had originally intended. Staying up until 2am for NO GOOD REASON will do that. Anyways. Had wanted to go for a run, but then with it being late I tried to back out of it, then I half-heartedly mentioned that “oh I guess I could just […]

While You Were Sleeping. Or, Children Don’t Stay Where You Put Them.

Allow me to preface this post with an announcement: It’s STILL FRICKING SNOWING!!! Come on. There has got to be an end to this? I’m so sick of cold and snow!!!!!!!!!!!! The part that really sucks though, is I know it’s gonna get worse before it gets better. Cause at least everything is still frozen […]

As promised.

On Friday I got as far as titling this entry. Today I’ve started on the actual writing, so we are heading in the right direction. I’ve got two girlies sleeping simultaneously today (huzzah!), which does not happen very often. In fact, they have been doing this back-and-forth napping thing that has kept us pretty much […]