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To answer the questions I am SURE you have. 1. It isn’t. 2. Kind of. Cause I’ll put good money on you wanting to know how the potty training is going and if I am still working out diligently. To clarify- it’s the potty training that isn’t. And the working out… well, it hasn’t comPLETEly […]


I don’t even want to try to make excuses. Two months? Pathetic. And we’ve done so much and been so many places, I’m hesitant to even try to write a catch-you-up-on-our-lives entry. Soooo. Let’s do a quick recap of the last two months. Thanksgiving in MA. Came home, set up our Christmas tree and did […]


With all that’s happened, how have I not written more? Oh,right, I was busy doing all those things. In any case. July was crazygonuts. For realz. We moved into our new house the weekend of June 26th. Gah. The spacebar on this laptop is turrible. Like, really bad. We then spent the 4th of July […]

Epic Fail.

It’s a really good thing that this isn’t like a real blog, one with followers and sponsors and crap like that. Cause I’d be so fired by now. It is, however, supposed to be a great place to keep everyone caught up on the goings on in our household. Lately, however, I’ve been too preoccupied […]

A Very Germy Christmas

Christmas actually wasn’t too germy. The sickness hit the day after. And prevailed by Sunday. Monday was miserable. But now that it’s Tuesday we are finally on the mend, and I can see that eventually we will be healthy again. There is nothing as pitiful as a 2-month-old with a cold. Fiona’s first Christmas was […]

Absolutely in LOVE

Well, we’re home from Thanksgiving vacation. Had a great time. Fiona did remarkably well on the drive up, and had a fantastic time meeting all the family. The drive home, however, was during her several hours of fussy time in the evening. That, combined with more traffic, made for a much longer ride south. But […]

What a game.

Wow. I’m surprised I didn’t put myself into labor, getting so worked up and excited watching that game. I was actually jumping up and down on the couch at one point. I was also sitting on my birthing ball for part of the game, which was fun, cause I started bouncing up and down when […]