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Chalk it up.

I believe that there is such a thing as too much chalkboard. It is seriously everywhere nowadays. But I do love me a nice big chalkboard, and when I saw this image on this blog post, I knew it had to happen. (Side note, it’s hard to express how much I love the photographer in […]


Every have one of those days where you just want to hang it up? Admit defeat? Ever have one of those weeks? Or months? If no, I don’t think we can be friends. Sorry. On a parenting level, things are going just fine. This week, we had our morning of fighting and hair pulling, but […]

Walking that fine line between lame and AWESOME.

Sometimes I think of an idea and it is so super cool, and then halfway through doing it I realize it’s kind of lame. Then I think, maybe it’s so lame it’s cool, then I think “you’re overthinking things”, then I decide I don’t care because I FEEL LIKE MAKING SUGAR COOKIES SHAPED LIKE HOCKEY […]

4 months.

Baby had her 4-month checkup today. At a NEW doctors office, hopefully one where I won’t hate all the doctors like I did at our old office. I actually didn’t even meet any doctors yet though, cause today we had the nurse practitioner for our visit. And now, the stats- She’s 23.5 inches long. That’s […]


Because of today’s snowstorm, my poor siblings in MA will have to have Saturday school in May. But not here. Here is just means that Nate got to stay home until after lunch and that I have a perfectly good reason to never get out of my sweatpants the whole day cause hey! Snowday! And […]

Three months old and awfully photogenic

Three months ago Fiona was born. And now she is so big. And crazily cute. And she LAUGHS. And today we took loads of pictures. With gorgeous, natural light photographs like these, you’d think I’d gone to school for photography or something… this business of mine is going to go somewhere eventually. I know it. […]