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Three-year-olds are awesome. When I asked Violet what she wanted to have for dinner on her birthday, she said birthday. Then she said cake. And then she finally decided on “aksa-daddy.” Not sure how spaghetti became aksadaddy, but I do know that the girl loves herself some carbohydrates. In the gift department, I asked the […]

Bianca Catherine.

So since it’s been weeks and weeks since my kid was born, and I barely remember being pregnant, it’s about time for a birth story and some photos, right? Enjoy. I woke up the morning of June 22 at around 6am with a little crampiness. I remember feeling this way the morning of Violet’s birth […]

Flying Solo

This morning I got up super early (like ungodly early, 3:30am early) to bring my sister to the airport. She was here for nearly a month, and was insanely helpful. We couldn’t have timed her visit better, she arrived two days before the baby was born, so I had 2 adult helpers my first week […]

Baby time.

Right, so I had a baby. Last week. It doesn’t excuse the previous slackitude of the blog, but at least it explains the past 6 days. Bianca Catherine. She is every kind of awesome. And I promise you I am working up a full story of “how it went” and also “how things are going”. […]

One Year.

Well, my little lady’s first birthday has come and nearly gone. I’m still kind of in shock that she’s so big, and now I’ve got a 2-yr-old and a 1-yr-old. We had a lovely time at her birthday party on Sunday, and at her birthday playdate this morning. She gave me a wonderful birthday gift […]

Oh Canada.

The other day the girls and I went for a run. Or, I went for a run and they went for a ride. In a double stroller. Which I pushed. While running. In the wind. For 5.5 miles. See, I can make running crazy even when it’s actually quite beautiful outside. While on our run, […]

From the land of Sweden.

We have returned. We visited Sweden. Or, IKEA. It’s basically the same thing, right? Cheap furniture and way cool setups of rooms that you never really quite can accomplish at home because at home you actually, you know, live there. But. Our journey actually started on Tuesday, when I took the girls out to IKEA […]