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Seriously fantastic.

Sometime last year I came across an idea online. I mentally filed it away (see, I don’t exclusively use Pinterest) to use on a day when everyone was falling apart and it was only 9:30 in the morning and we desperately needed something fun to do that wasn’t watch TV for once because dammit, I […]

Because that is the way my life is.

Today we all woke up on time and happy. It would not last. Within the hour I was in full-on beast mode, trying to round up everyone’s socks and shoes and tutus and backpacks as we prepared for school/dance class, screaming classic mom-isms like “Close your mouth and eat your cereal!!! I don’t care! Just […]


Glarghhhhhhh. It’s been two days of hibernation, but today we had to go out. Had a doctor appointment this morning, so there was no choice. We were going out. Of course it took us like 4 times as long to get out the door. I’d boot, hat, mitten, coat, and scarf one child, then turn […]

You can’t make this shit up.

My new position as “Supervisor of two small monsters, specializing in shit removal” has kept me quite busy. I’ve been alone (during the day) with these two for a week now, so at this point I feel totally deserving of those “oh wow, how do you do it?” looks and comments I get at the […]


I don’t even want to try to make excuses. Two months? Pathetic. And we’ve done so much and been so many places, I’m hesitant to even try to write a catch-you-up-on-our-lives entry. Soooo. Let’s do a quick recap of the last two months. Thanksgiving in MA. Came home, set up our Christmas tree and did […]


Baby is finally sleeping. Poor thing’s had a rough day. Not only is she still sick, but she rolled off the couch this morning (I left her there for only 3 seconds, I swear! I thought she would be fine!) and then when she was asleep in her swing and I was making a sandwich […]

Three months old and awfully photogenic

Three months ago Fiona was born. And now she is so big. And crazily cute. And she LAUGHS. And today we took loads of pictures. With gorgeous, natural light photographs like these, you’d think I’d gone to school for photography or something… this business of mine is going to go somewhere eventually. I know it. […]