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Let’s talk for a second about hair. And what to do with it. Because if you saw me in middle/high school (or in my early 20s, when I never paid more than $15 per haircut including tip) (or, you know, today) you know I know feck all about hair. One of my first thoughts when […]


With all that’s happened, how have I not written more? Oh,right, I was busy doing all those things. In any case. July was crazygonuts. For realz. We moved into our new house the weekend of June 26th. Gah. The spacebar on this laptop is turrible. Like, really bad. We then spent the 4th of July […]

4 months.

Baby had her 4-month checkup today. At a NEW doctors office, hopefully one where I won’t hate all the doctors like I did at our old office. I actually didn’t even meet any doctors yet though, cause today we had the nurse practitioner for our visit. And now, the stats- She’s 23.5 inches long. That’s […]

10 more days.

Ten more days. 10. Diez. Dix. Zehn. X. Ten. At least, ten days until the due date. Who knows when we’ll actually be seeing this kid. I’ve been having a few sporadic contractions, nothing painful, and the Braxton-Hicks have all but disappeared. So I feel like I’ve moved backwards. But I’ve got a doctor appointment […]