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Freezerpalooza 2012

Well. It’s been awhile. When I left you last, I believe I was experiencing some hardcore nesting? Well, the whole decorating strain of nesting passed, (unfortunately it mostly didn’t go further than looking at a million different blogs and pinterest boards and coming up with a hundred different ideas that I never followed through on) […]


A new year. A new start. Or, maybe just more of the same. I kind of half-decided I want to attempt a 365project this year, in order to continuously push myself to become a better photographer. But it’s already the 7th and I sort of haven’t shot anything yet. Hardly an auspicious beginning. Also, I […]

Oh, that.

Faced my arch-nemesis yet again this morning. Apparently this family wants to eat EVERY day, and that requires continuous grocery shopping? WTF, reality? It actually went quite well, all things considered. The only comment I have to make is this. Why, bagger guy? Why must you pack my bags so unevenly? The bag of (almost) […]


So, I haven’t really been sleeping. And I can’t even blame it on either baby, they’re (knock on wood) pretty good sleepers. Fiona rarely wakes up during the night, and Violet, well, we’re still co-sleeping/nursing, so most of the time all it takes is for me to roll over and stuff a boob in her […]