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On caterpillars and loss.

A few weeks ago, while on a walk around the neighborhood, Fiona found a caterpillar. She decided to take it with her, and give it a home, give it a name, and wait for it to become a butterfly. You probably see where this is going, but stay with me. We found an old nutella […]

Fashion Forward.

My girl. She is her own person, that is for damn sure. There are lots and lots of ways that this makes my life more difficult, but just as many ways that it makes it more awesome. How can I sum up my Fiona? In a word- exhausting. She is the most loving little cuddlebug, […]


Let’s talk for a second about hair. And what to do with it. Because if you saw me in middle/high school (or in my early 20s, when I never paid more than $15 per haircut including tip) (or, you know, today) you know I know feck all about hair. One of my first thoughts when […]

Hummus, Puzzles, and Buttons

It’s just a quiet Monday here at the LaMartina abode. A little snow falling quietly outside, and much relaxing happening within. Not the most exciting day, but it’s been really nice thus far. Bianca has discovered hummus. And she looooooooves it. Almost as much as Violet loves noodles. Which is a lot. Meanwhile, in the […]

Who needs sleep?

Well, you’re never gonna get it. Sometimes it’s for no good reason (like staying up watching 3 episodes of biggest loser back-to-back-to-back because I don’t know why) and sometimes it is. This past weekend, my lack of sleep was for a good reason. I had my first ever in-person proofing session with a client, and […]

The blind leading the blind.

Number one reason to write today: tell the world how much I love my new blinds. I do. I loves them. This is a rental house. With a rental house comes rental window dressing. In this particular case, tan curtains from Ikea. While not horrible, they’re just kind of blah, especially when they’re on every. […]


It’s been 3 weeks now since I completed my 365 project. I miss the challenge and I don’t. On one hand, it was nice to have that extra pressure to make sure we did something more than just lounge around in pajamas (I mean, we did that a ton even when I was doing the […]