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Child labor.

I’ve said it before- I hate dealing with clothes. Why does it make me so stressed out, and why do we have so many? Why the hell does my 4-year-old still come down to breakfast in pants and a sweater in flipping JULY? (I mean, I know why. It’s because I never fully switched the […]

Much too much.

It’s the new year. 2013 up in here. I’ve been thinking, as many do at this time of year, about what I’d like to change about my life, and what steps I can take to do that. So far, my list has a lot of more. Get more sleep, get more exercise, drink more water, […]

So then there’s that.

Sometimes, I wonder if it’s my fault. Do I yell too much? Not enough? Should I use reward charts? Bribery? Timeouts? And how on earth could boys possibly be more work than my girls? Allow me to back up a bit. Yesterday morning. The girls woke up before me, as per usual. They played nicely […]

“Whose Pee is This?” and other things that are totally normal.

This morning I woke up and rolled over to find that one of my darling children had given me a gift. The gift of a full potty, balanced ever so carefully on the edge of my mattress. As I blearily attempted to heave my ass out of bed without disturbing the precarious nature of said […]

Just call me Suzy.

There are just some days when it all comes together. Morning starts with 2-yr old coming in to snuggle with Mama and Daddy. The most heartmelting moment was when I came back from the bathroom to see her hugging Nate, and she looked up at me and said, “Look, Mama! Daddy’s my friend!” Downstairs. Make […]

Monday- A Play in Three Parts

Act 1: In which I wake up in good mood, prepare a healthy breakfast for my children, pack a healthy lunch for my husband, clean the entire kitchen, carry all laundry to the basement, and get a healthy dinner in the slowcooker, all before I even have my coffee. Act 2: Wherein we discover that […]

Things You May Actually Already Know

There have been several things I have wanted to blog about here, but let me be frank and say that I do not actually “have my shit together” as the kids say, and so I’ve not updated. I will save those things for another day. Today, I want to talk about dishwashers. Most people have […]