But actually we’re American.

Happy fourth!

independence-0043We’ll pretend these are amber waves of grain.
And not just a grassy area next to the highway and behind some condos.

And I call this next one- “Violet thinks she sees a spider


Happy Birthday, America! Love from your neighbors to the north.

(Yes, neighbors. Not neighbours. My iphone may try to autocorrect that anytime I type it, but I refuse to fully assimilate!)


I’ve come a long way from my days of spending the 4th of July buying $10 bottles of tequila at the packie and “walking” downtown to watch fireworks in the middle of the (thankfully closed off) bridge over the Charles River. I mean, what? I never did that. Mom, forget that. It isn’t true.






…Yes it is.
Man, that was a good 4th.



  1. You’re adorable!!! ❤

    1. Thanks girlie. And I think you’re swell.

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