Goin’ Camping

Tonight after dinner Fiona asked if we could go camping. Or, to be totally accurate, she said “We’re going camping, okay Mama?” I think she watched a camping episode of YoGabbaGabba.

But I thought, hell. Why not. Let’s go camping. Dragged the beach tent and the sleeping bags up from the basement, let this sort of adorability unfold. These girls are just the bestest.



  1. Camping in the house is so much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the hockey gear! hockey season is now over and it is cycling season, so I get road bikes in the house! At least they don’t smell. I noticed you live in NoVa? We lived there for 3 years, in Herndon/OakHill area. Oh, how we miss it dreadfully. Our family LOVED it there. We would move back in a flash but my oldest graduates in 1 yr and we couldn’t make her move again. Your photos are gorgeous! Hugs.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, there’s no such thing as the end to hockey season when the hubs plays in beer leagues year round. We USED to live in NoVA. We were in Burke (I worked in Herndon, actually), but moved up here to Edmonton, Alberta back in December. I miss VA too.

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