Come on down!

Maybe shorter entries=more entries? I’m trying that approach for now. Quantity over quality.

You know that game where you say a bunch of words and phrases and you have to guess what they have in common? Well here you are-

1. “That’s enough.
2. “Get down.
3. “Get your hands out of there.”
4. “Stop licking that.”

If you guessed “Things I said to my toddler in a public restroom yesterday” you win the big prize!

Show the people what they won! You win the privilege of not having to deal with allllllllllla that.

Bonus points if you can tell me what I was referring to in each of those admonitions.

That’s okay. I kinda like her.*

And this one, too.**

*Just on the off chance that this picture isn’t immediately understandable- that is my child. Wearing a 6-9 month size bathrobe and women’s size 7 Jack-o-lantern socks, standing on one leg in the kitchen, eating an apple. Or as I like to call it- Friday morning. I mean, isn’t that obvious?

** Baby. Eating a pen and playing with cables underneath Daddy’s desk in the office. Obvi.



  1. Ah yes, public restrooms are so much fun with a toddler. I always feel like I need to give mine a bath when we leave because she manages to touch everything in sight.

  2. Zoe likes to feel cold thing against her face, which is cute until she noticed that the flusher handle in a public restroom was cold and just puts her cheek on it.

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