Nate and I started dating a little over 4 years ago. Obviously, we have learned many things about each other since then. He knows that I sometimes chew with my mouth open, I know that he leaves dirty socks EVERYWHERE, he know I like to always have a glass of water at bedtime and I know that he can sometimes soothe a headache by flossing his teeth.

So when I went to order this year’s batch of Girl Scout cookies, I confidently ordered a box of my favorites (Samoas), a box of his favorites (Tagalongs), a box of Thin Mints (cause I think that’s a law, that you have to), and a box of Trefoils (because they go so well with a nice cup of tea). The cookies got here, hurrah, and I occasionally put a few Tagalongs in with his lunch, while saving the Samoas for myself because I do love them so.

The other night I was at the grocery store, buying some ice cream in celebration of our having a working freezer once again (!) and I saw that Edy’s was on sale! And that they had limited edition Girl Scout Cookie flavors! Nate loves limited edition ice cream flavors! Perfect! I grabbed 2 cartons- Samoas and Tagalongs. Our favorites. Raced home all excited, pulled them out of the grocery bag, all “Look, look what I got! Aren’t you thrilled??!?!”

A bit later, once the baby was in bed and we went to dish up the ice cream, I was surprised to see Nate opening up the Samoa ice cream first. I was a bit peeved. Here I was, I bought his favorite kind for him, and he doesn’t even want to try it? What the hell is that about. So I asked him, “I bought the Tagalong kind especially for you, don’t you want that?”

And he says “yeah, but Samoas are my favorite, so I wanted to try this kind first.”


Really? If I didn’t know what his favorite was, that would be totally understandable. I mean, it’s not a requirement to know things like favorite cookie flavor. But I was SO SURE about it. I felt like SUCH an idiot. Here I was, hoarding the Samoas for myself, completely without guilt because hey, I bought him a box of his favorites and I haven’t had a single one. Fair is fair. Now I find out that nope. Dead wrong. You think you know someone…

I would also like to report that while I have not yet managed to go grocery shopping, I did go and pick up all our frozen/defrosted/refrozen into solid blocks foods, so we have some options for mealtimes again. And so tonight in keeping with my decision to do better about making dinner, I made dinner. I had a little helper. It was adorable.

Don’t worry Gramma, I didn’t actually let her take anything out. She just wanted to wear the mitts and walk around the kitchen saying “Hot hot hot” every time I opened the oven.

And Nate- I’m sorry for hogging all the Samoa goodness for the past four years. I’ll be sure to put some in your lunch tomorrow.


  1. haha what is it with babies and the hot pads?! sophia does the same thing. 🙂

  2. First of all I’m astonished you managed to buy only 3 Boxes !?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Mandy’s favorites are thin mints I bought her 5 boxes this year!! hope they last more than a week. Also got 3 boxes of my favorites, you be happy to know Somoas. How nice is it for them to have their original name back, I couldn’t stand calling them carmel delights. And of course we got a couple of boxes of tagalongs and peanut butter patties. YUMMMMMY.

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