Just a little note to let everybody know that the blog has moved! Not far. Just over to http://www.thislemonyogurt.com That’s right. I done and got myself a legit web address. I think my hosting company thinks I’m going to be the next big thing in yogurt, though. They assigned me a Dedicated Web Advisor and […]

A few weeks ago, while on a walk around the neighborhood, Fiona found a caterpillar. She decided to take it with her, and give it a home, give it a name, and wait for it to become a butterfly. You probably see where this is going, but stay with me. We found an old nutella […]

I’ve said it before- I hate dealing with clothes. Why does it make me so stressed out, and why do we have so many? Why the hell does my 4-year-old still come down to breakfast in pants and a sweater in flipping JULY? (I mean, I know why. It’s because I never fully switched the […]

Happy fourth! We’ll pretend these are amber waves of grain. And not just a grassy area next to the highway and behind some condos. And I call this next one- “Violet thinks she sees a spider“ Happy Birthday, America! Love from your neighbors to the north. (Yes, neighbors. Not neighbours. My iphone may try to […]

Sometime last year I came across an idea online. I mentally filed it away (see, I don’t exclusively use Pinterest) to use on a day when everyone was falling apart and it was only 9:30 in the morning and we desperately needed something fun to do that wasn’t watch TV for once because dammit, I […]

Hey girls. Sit on the step and look at me for a picture real quick. Ok, no. Look at me. You can go see the cat in a second. Just look here. Just sit down there next to your sister for one second and look at me. After this one, Fiona pipes up with a […]

I believe that there is such a thing as too much chalkboard. It is seriously everywhere nowadays. But I do love me a nice big chalkboard, and when I saw this image on this blog post, I knew it had to happen. (Side note, it’s hard to express how much I love the photographer in […]

One day, many many moons ago, I got the bright idea to build a sandbox. Then I got lazy, and I found one on craigslist for $15, and so we were set for a few years. But then my children just kept growing bigger, and that sandbox did not. So I decided the time had […]

Today we all woke up on time and happy. It would not last. Within the hour I was in full-on beast mode, trying to round up everyone’s socks and shoes and tutus and backpacks as we prepared for school/dance class, screaming classic mom-isms like “Close your mouth and eat your cereal!!! I don’t care! Just […]

Not sure if you know it- but there are BIG doings afoot in our backyard. I have a plan that I drew to scale on graph paper and EVERYTHING. It’s wicked serious, yo. And so of course, I also have a Pinterest board full of many many many many (that’s probably almost enough) many many […]